Welcome to my personal blog. You may be wondering what this site is all about and how it came to be. Well, let me tell you a little bit of my story.

I have always been a fan of anime, the Japanese animation genre that has captivated millions of people around the world. Anime is not just entertainment for me, it is also a source of inspiration, creativity and joy. I love watching different kinds of anime, from action to romance, from comedy to drama, from fantasy to sci-fi. I also love sharing my opinions and thoughts about anime with other fans.

That’s why, back in the day, I created a site called ragexworld.deltaanime. It was a place where I could share my favorite anime shows and movies with other enthusiasts. I used direct download sites and torrent to upload and download anime files. I also hosted a XDCC bot with over 2 terabytes of anime content at the time. It was a lot of work but i had lot of motivation.

However, things changed over time. Adsense, the service that I used to monetize my site, closed my account under new terms. Ad blockers became more popular and reduced my revenue even further. I realized that I could not sustain my site without relying on donations from my visitors. But that was not what I wanted. I wanted to provide free and easy access to anime for everyone who loved it as much as I did.

I also changed over time. I grew up and became an adult with more responsibilities and less free time. I lost some of the motivation and passion that I had for running my site. I decided to close it down and move on with my life.

But I never forgot about my love for anime and blogging. That’s why I created this site as a reminder to myself that I used to enjoy these things. This site is not meant to be anything big or fancy. It is just a personal space where I can write about whatever topics interest me at the moment. It could be anime, but it could also be something else.

So don’t expect much from this site, but feel free to browse around and read some of my posts. Maybe you will find something that resonates with you or sparks your curiosity. Maybe you will learn something new or discover something old. Maybe you will just have a good time.

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great day.